Aleksandra Jones

Director and producer at The Republic Of The Imagination

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Aleksandra (Nikolajev) Jones is Choreographer, Director, and Producer.
Aleksandra produced for theatre, television, and film. Working with new
talents, mentoring and coaching she is also working with international
and local filmmakers, writers, directors, and production companies.
She is a co-director and creative producer of The Republic of the Imagination - a Charity and European network of organizations that are developing CoArts Context Oriented Arts, Film, and Dance.
She is a founder and co-director of Wales International Documentary
Festival and Head of Development and Communication.
Aleksandra is working with professionals, communities, minorities and
vulnerable groups to deliver projects that empowered through
participative art.
Aleksandra is the author of the multimedia dance piece ‘Gravida’, born
out of a 2012 pilot project funded by the Arts Council of Wales, called
Women In Pregnancy. The piece offers a new way of looking at the effect pregnancy has on movement, gravity and even a woman’s career and creativity.
She is developing a feature docu-drama project ‘The Gravity of The Other’ inspired by the success of the Gravida project, and a pilot short was nominated for the Wales Dance Platform Screening Program in 2015.
She is a graduate of the Maia Workshops Advanced Training and
Coaching Programme for Emerging Producers. Under the guidance of
some of the best industry experts from all around the world, Maia has ‘a steady hold on the state of the art in the global audiovisual market’.

Company Name: 
The Republic Of The Imagination
Role / Position: 
Director and Producer