Areas of expertise:

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I am responsible for all the formats, production and development on the YouTube Channels and

For The GinInTeaCupsUK channel I select talents to feature in sessions and interviews and launched new formats to widen territories, including the full exploitation of YouTube Playlists to deliver full episodes while including original music videos and Music related Vlog to meet the audience requests for more direct interaction. I personally booked and interviewed Carl Barat, Amanda Palmer, Bastille and Alt-J amongst others, I won the support of the YouTube Space London in 2015/2016 with GiTC.TV being selected as one of five projects to support and represent women creators and reduce the creative gender gap.

For the Keto In The UK channel I am the on camera talent and creative writer of most episodes delving into Lifestyle and Food subjects mainly. I directly deal with external companies to create Advertisement opportunities for their products while optimising monetisation of the channel content via multiple revenue streams opportunities. It is currently the main British Based and Dedicated resource for the Low Carb niche.

Role / Position: 
Digital Producer / Talent