Matt Clark

Owner / director / chief narrator at Narrative Edge Ltd

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Having spent 15 years working with a number of advertising, brand and marketing agencies I then spent 7 years 'in house' at The Royal Mint. During that time I was responsible for: defining the organisation's brand positioning and strategy; building an award-winning PR and Social Media Team and fundamentally shifting the nature of our public and corporate narrative; and the leading the content, design and launch of The Royal Mint Experience.

I've now decided to go freelance and have set up Narrative Edge Ltd, a small but perfectly formed communications consultancy.

So, what is Narrative Edge?

Basically, I believe that every successful brand or organisation is built on a great story. It's what makes you relevant to your customers, and different to your competitors. It makes you interesting. It creates love and loyalty.

It becomes your point of competitive advantage.

It gets to the real point of the matter, which is WHY you do what you do, and WHY your customers should care.

Most organisations know WHAT they do, HOW they do it and WHO they do it for. But very few really know the answer to WHY.

Mainly, it's just the most successful ones.

So, that's what I aim to do. Help businesses, organisations or individuals discover their unique story, and then tell that story beautifully and effectively.

Critically, this isn't storytelling for the sake of it. This is fundamentally about defining a strategy and creating a story that is built on, and delivers that strategy. The Narrative Edge must connect to and deliver on goals and objectives. It's business storytelling, with purpose.

If you would like to get in touch to tell me a bit about your story over a coffee, then you'll find me at

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Narrative Edge Ltd
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Owner / Director / Chief Narrator