During our first year we offered a programme of ’52 Things’ made with and for the city’s creative community to showcase the fantastic people and places in our city. You can find the full 52 here.

During our first year, hundreds of creatives have joined the Creative Cardiff network and worked with us to produce a programme of #52Things – features which enthuse, inspire, inform and engage.

The events, resources and activities which resulted have enabled members to connect, discover new ideas, build their audience and promote their work as well as find new opportunities. 

Here is the Creative Cardiff's pick of some of the best.

Sara Pepper, Director of Creative Economy, said: “I think I would find it really difficult to pick just one. I am really proud of each and every one of the #52Things as they reflect a city that is bursting with creativity and creative economy related people and places, innovations and happenings. In fact, we often had three times as many things to include as we had the space for which says something about exactly how much is already going on.

“#52Things allowed us to shine a light on what took place in the city over the past year and to, where needed, provide the environment or platform required to understand, engage and enable this community and the work they are doing. It has been a privilege to be able to undertake a project of this kind.

“If I really had to pick one it might be #10: Creative Cardiff Christmas Party - the first of its kind bringing together 120 members of the creative community. I am so pleased we managed to deliver this, only two months after launching the network, to enable a wide variety of different creatives to come together and celebrate the run-up to Christmas. This highlighted to me both the benefits and importance of providing social space as well as more formal offerings/events.”

Sam Murray, Festivals Research Associate, said: “For me, our standout feature was #27: Student Show and Tell. It was a fantastic opportunity to find out what is happening with our internal research community and to explore how it could connect with the creative economy in the city.

“Could we be attending concerts with holograms at the Millennium Stadium? Could we see a growth in fan made merchandise? Could we see more artists taking on personas to explore existing as a creative entity?

“Our postgrad students presented amazing ideas for the future of this city and, as a fellow postgrad, it was great to work with my peers on seeing how they could contribute to growing Cardiff's creative economy.”

Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of Digital Economy at Cardiff University, said: "I go for #5: Creative Cardiff in conversation with Dick Penny, where Dick shared with us at first hand his vast experience of running the Watershed in Bristol. His key advice: be authentic, generous and connect, connect, connect.

"I got to know Dick during the REACT creative economy hub project (2011-2016). A lot of Creative Cardiff's early thinking came from that work. 

"If I'm allowed a second pick, it would be the In Conversation session with Phil George, days after he took over as chair of Arts Council of Wales." 

Toby Mott, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies graduate and Cardiff University Research Opportunities Programme placement, said: “I’ve gone for #1 for sentimental reasons more than anything else - the list is awash with informative content but this was one of the first big events that Creative Cardiff laid on, and it’s been incredible to watch the project go from strength to strength since.”

Talia Loderick, Cretaive Cardiff Project Assistant, nominated #38: Cardiff People - Dan Tyte.

She said: "As Cardiff’s resident man-about-town, Dan is well-connected and so is well placed to assess, applaud and constructively criticise Cardiff as a creative city. His interview was witty, interesting and informative.

"I think this particular interview, and the whole Cardiff People strand, really speaks to the aims of the Creative Cardiff network in that it aims to promote, support, amplify and connect the people and places that make up the city’s creative industries.

"Cardiff People is also a great way for people new to the city to get to know there movers and shakers in the creative industries."

Lisa Matthews, Director of Creative Economy (maternity cover), choose #33: Creative Cardiff pop-up hub.

She said: “My favourite #52Things was being part of the Creative Cardiff pop up hub or, if I have to be even more specific, it was when Watershed came over from Bristol for the day for the inaugural game of Rainbow Drop 7 which decorated Wales Millennium Centre in multi-coloured rice pops (unintentionally).

Creative Cardiff pop-up hub at Wales Millennium Centre from Creative Cardiff on Vimeo.

Lisa continued: "Being a temporary coworking space, it wasn't always the easiest to work in but it made me think a lot about what environment I need for different tasks and thinking. I also met a lot of people in that space that I'm still in touch with and I’m sure I will collaborate with in future.

“It was also probably the moment when I thought I'd like to get more involved with Creative Cardiff's work…and here I am!

“Since then there's been a number of hubs open in Cardiff, which is great for the city and something we celebrated in my other joint #52Things favourite - and first outing as Creative Cardiff MC - #42: Show & Tell 4.

Johann Gregory - Research Associate for the Creative Cardiff Research Network - also picked the first Show & Tell event that he was involved in, back in February. 

He said: "#16: Show & Tell was my favourite because this was my first Show & Tell. The event evidenced that the Creative Cardiff network is not simply something that is fuelled by the Creative Cardiff team: the network is sustained by the energies of the wider creative community and acts to circulate this. It was also the first time I met John Rostron, who walked in to Porter's a few seconds before he was due to go on stage and, cool as a cucumber, got stuck in."


Justin Lewis, Professor of Communication at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, said: #1: Show & Tell bought together three creative people from very different areas to talk about what they did. Three very different worlds came together in a way that meant the everyone in the audience would hear something familiar and something completely new.”

Kayleigh Mcleod, Project Officer for Creative Cardiff, plumped for Creative Cardiff's first Welsh language networking activity. She said: "Our inaugural Welsh language event - #37: Show & Tell - was one of my first experiences of the force that is Creative Cardiff. I learned so much about the city, the language and the Welsh digital environment as well as meeting some new contacts who are making really interesting things happen digitally." 

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