During the last decade creative hubs and coworking spaces have become essential to how creatives work and as such, to the growth and development of the creative economy globally.

In Cardiff, throughout the last two years in particular, we've seen a number of innovative hub spaces established. These are places where creatives, entrepreneurs and digital innovators – working as freelancers or in small companies – have found a home to work.

In order to understand this coworking environment, we’ve held a number of consultation and exploratory events including:

As a result of the Networking Creative Hubs project we established a group of people producing, directing or supporting coworking spaces and creative hubs in the Cardiff Capital Region and formed the Coworking Collective.

There is significant potential and capacity for members of these hubs to collaborate and share knowledge. This group currently meets on a bi-monthly basis at different hub locations. They share updates and best practice, and make plans for collaboration.

If you are running a hub or have aspirations to start one and would like to join the Coworking Collective, please get in touch. Find out more about the members below.