Creative Cardiff is working with students in the Welsh School of Architecture to physically transform the university’s Viriamu Jones Gallery.

This innovative Vertical Studio project will provide an opportunity to explore the university’s plans to develop a dedicated creative hub in the city.  Come and meet with those working in the city’s creative community, spend some time in this creative space, share your thoughts and contribute to Creative Cardiff’s future plans.

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Vertical Studio programme:


Monday 25 April; 18:00-20:00

Student Show & Tell

Creative Cardiff gives a platform to some of the exciting range of creative students and work at Cardiff University. Come and hear about their current research and future ambitions.

Each of the speakers will give a 10 minute lightning talk. And they'll bring an object which inspires, guides or aids them. The speakers will share their work and explain the importance of the object they've brought along.

Our speakers are:

Alicia Stark

Alicia Stark is a final year PhD candidate at Cardiff University, focusing on Popular Music studies.  Alicia's research centres around virtual bands and the technologies that allow virtual band audiences to suspend disbelief. She completed her Masters degree in Music, Culture, and Politics at Cardiff University in 2010, and is an active member of Cardiff's amateur dramatics community, primarily through her work with shine creative arts and children's theatre in South Wales.  Alicia is a certified music teacher for all year levels, and holds a Bachelor's degree in music education from Shorter University in the U.S.

James Rendell

James Rendell is as PhD student at Cardiff University where he lectures in world cinema, video game cultures, horror and science-fiction, and screen media histories. His research interests include transcultural fandom, digital and craft-based audience creations, and the wider impact/use of cult media. This talk explores how and why transnational audiences of Studio Ghibli, Japan's most beloved animation studio, are turning to collaborative craft culture to make their own Ghibli objects in light of a dearth of global merchandise available to them. Speaking directly to fans who craft, the talk also considers eco-politics within the realm of creative and transmedia industries.

Sara Sylvester

Sara has been a Media and Film educator for twenty years. A former Head of department at a local Secondary school she now has a portfolio career freelancing as an e-learner designer, examiner, part-time PhD researcher and artist. Now in her final year, the focus of her research has explored the growing interest in fictive art in relation to digital technology and social media. The creative element of her PhD puts into practice the constructive process of developing a fictive persona, Seren Sanclêr, as a transmediated self, whilst also demonstrating the potential of digital media as more than simply a self-branding tool but a new art form to explore.

Followed by a wine reception. 

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Tuesday 26 April; 13:15-13:45

Lunchtime jazz

Bring your lunch and relax with music from a student in the university's School of Music. 

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Tuesday 26 April; 18:00-19:30

Creative Citizens Event

The rise of social and digital media has radically transformed the way we engage with all aspects of life. Come and meet some of the team behind ‘Creative Citizens’ a three year research project across six universities which examined the impact of social media on citizenship. Led by Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University, the project considered case studies in community journalism; planning and design; and creative networks.  

This event marks the launch of a resulting book: The Creative Citizen Unbound: how social media and DIY culture contribute to democracy, communities and the creative economyIt's co-edited by Ian and Professor John Hartley of Curtin University, Australia. Come and find out why creative citizenship is an emerging story for our time.

Followed by a wine reception. 

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Wednesday 27 April; sessions at 10:00-11:00 & 14:00-15:00

A creative hub for Cardiff?

Cardiff University has plans to develop a creative hub in Cardiff to engage, support and enable the creative community. This space will provide creative businesses, organisations and freelancers with the opportunity to work in an innovative way alongside academics and students.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts about what you need or would like from a hub. Come and join us for an hour to share your ideas and help us imagine this new space.

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Thursday 28 April; 13:15-13:45

Lunchtime jazz

Bring your lunch and relax with music from a student in the university's School of Music. 


Thursday 28 April; 10:00-11:00

Creative Cardiff in conversation with Phil George; Chair, Arts Council of Wales

Come and meet Phil George, the new Chair of Arts Council of Wales. Phil now leads an organisation which plays a vital role in supporting the arts in Wales. Come and hear about his vision and plans and discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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