Meet Jonny; teacher, father, artist. He loves music, festivals and nightclubs. He longs to sing. Jonny is deaf. He was born deaf to hearing parents who were afraid that disability would stigmatise their son. Jonny underwent speech therapy and learned to lip read. He did not identify as ‘deaf’ until much later in life, always feeling disconnected from his disability but also disconnected from the world around him.

Jonny Cotsen will return to the stage with the Louder is Not Always Clearer 2019 UK-wide tour, coming to Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre from 9 - 11 of May. Louder is Not Always Clearer is is a funny story of disconnection, difference and desperation to belong created and performed by a deaf man. Through this moving, passionate multimedia performance Jonny shares his story with you; explaining how he negotiates life as a deaf man in a hearing world. 

For a hearing audience it is an illuminating and emotional experience. For deaf audience members, the show is a familiar tale of misunderstanding and isolation. For everyone it is a humorous moving story of one man’s attempt to belong.

Louder is Not Always Clearer begins its UK tour this May. Booking is essential.

The show is accessible to D/deaf, hard of hearing and hearing audiences through the use of spoken English, British Sign Language and creative captions.

9 - 11 May 2019Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

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