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Darlun AbyCohen


I am currently an independent Artistic Director, Designer and Educator, working as freelancer for Theatre, Performance, Film and Exhibition. In parallel of working as practitioner, I have a long term experience as Educator in Arts and Design, teaching undergraduate and graduate students; and also, with past experience teaching elementary to high school levels.

My career was built based on relevant and enriching experiences in the different areas of Arts, Theatre and Cinema. International experience as Artist, Curator, Designer and Lecturer, engaged in projects in the following countries: United Kingdom, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Republic of Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Suriname, Taiwan, United States of America, Argentina and Brazil.

BA in Design and Arts Education, with early artistic work exhibited in Galleries, I made a choice for working in Theatre, gaining experience as Set Designer, Costume Designer and Assistant Director, working for 6 years at a Theatre Company. Through this experience I developed my network and started working with other relevant independent productions, Theatre companies and International Festivals. While my career was most dedicated to the practice of design, I had incredible opportunities to work for TV, fashion and film industry. There were few works for the cinema, but all very important for my career, working, for example, with the Oscar-nominated Argentine director, Hector Babenco.

The growing demands in the field of Arts and Exhibitions, that include theatre design in their achievements, have opened up a very fertile field for my work, characterized by the creation of visual and spatial narratives. Initially I worked in this field as a designer assistant and as a production coordinator, working for more than 10 years with a company which provided relevant experience in the management of major international art exhibitions and events, also to learn to deal and mediate with artists and professionals diversity of origins, skills, experiences, ideas and demands – artists, curators, architects, producers, builders, sponsors and institutions. Following that, I started to design for exhibitions, in parallel to the work in the Theatre, being very successful in this field, having received important international awards.

After accumulating solid practice experience, I accomplished a MA in Performance Arts and a PhD in Theatre Theory and Practice, leading to achieve other positions as curator, H.E. Lecturer and Tutor for undergraduate and post graduate education, in addition to Head of MA in Performance Design. Having an expressive international connection and experience, this position allowed me to create comprehensive curricula and activities that meets local and international contemporary requirements in postgraduate program in Performance Design.

Renowned internationally as artist, designer and curator; after awarded with the GOLDEN TRIGA at Prague Quadrennial in 2011 and the IDCA in 2013, I received many invitations that helped to expand my international network with independent artists, professionals and relevant organizations as: British Council, Creative Scotland, Prague Theatre Institute, OISTAT, Hemisphere Institute (USA) and Brazil Ministry of Culture; consequently, allowing to creating and getting engaged in projects, as artistic director and designer, and exchanging opportunities for local and global communities.

On the past five years I has been creating, planning and managing artistic programs (exhibitions, workshops, talks, artistic residencies), in performance and exhibition in Brazil, Taiwan, Wales and Scotland, working with local and global artists and communities, combining the practice, production, organisation and educational skills. Working with artists projects from all around the world, allowed to developed a significant exchanging and collaboration with UK artists and institutions as well as with other countries, also promoting the work of British and other international artists, designers and professionals through artistic and learning projects, as an example, the recent project CENA#, which started in 2015 and it is on its 3rd edition. CENA#1, was first sponsored by SESC Sao Paulo, in 2016, reuniting 16 artists from 5 continents - including the work of relevant British artists like: Antony Gormley, Richard Downing and Peter Mumford; CENA # 2: WSDESIGN PLAYGROUND PROJECT, was taken to Taiwan in 2017 for a Theatre Festival, reuniting 5 artists from Brazil, UK, Australia, Vietnam and Taiwan; and CENA # 3: INTERSECTIONS, artistic residence performance project in Brazil and United Kingdom - Cardiff/Wales and Glasgow/Scotland, in 2018/2019.

All this experience and achievements are only possible with the diversity and complementary knowledge and skills acquired throughout my professional career, as the fields of arts and design require today. Part of the success is also related to the initiative, good organisation, overview and the commitment to work creatively and to deliver a high-quality work, in addition to the ability to manage teams on a small or large scale, working collaboratively and my teamwork experience.

Role / Position: 
artist freelancer