Areas of expertise:

Darlun aledroberts89


Freelance illustrator / LSA / Obsessive.

I am a Welsh speaking illustrator living and working in Cardiff.
I have had many of my illustrations published in Welsh language children's books, and am always looking for new stories or concepts to bring to life.

One of my many strengths in my artwork is to create realism; especially in my drawings of people, and so many of my client's commissions are caricature-style illustrations for clients to give as gifts etc.
I enjoy observing and drawing people - it's predominantly people who inspire my art; whether it be people who inspire me on a personal level, or an elderly woman sat across from me lighting her 5th cigarette in as many minutes.

My second love in this life is music. Playing it, listening to it, studying it and composing it.
Along with my fascination with people, music often comes hand-in-hand when it comes to inspiration. For me, music can evoke memories and feelings like nothing else.