Bethany charlton

Areas of expertise:


Hi! I’ve recently graduated from Bournemouth University (NCCA) studying Computer Animation Arts. I am very much interested in any creative opportunity whether it be production, asset creation, character development, look development, post production or running errands!

I love the charming, illustrative and fun style that films and games can have and having the opportunity to work across a range of styles is something I want to challenge myself to do! I admire stories that are entertaining as well as educational whilst communicating an underlying message that the appropriate audience can understand.

During my final year in university I created a film centered around the harsh nature of the 1900 Sideshow Circuses. The film conveys themes of cruelty and ignorance and a donkey is used to portray this rather than a human. At face value the film is about animal cruelty but also many of the human acts in the circus were treated like animals. I wanted to create a character that audiences warmed to, and could reflect themselves onto which is something I really admire about your characters.

I understand that my lack of industry experience hinders job opportunities, however, I am extremely passionate about creating films/adverts that make an impact and using computer graphics as a medium for this is so powerful and captivating!

Below are links to my final film and showreel