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Hello! I am an ambitious, competitive, confident, optimistic, friendly, hard working advertiser & graphic designer looking to secure a role that’s rewarding and challenging. I have more than 6 months experience working in a design studio, creating real world design work & generating campaign ideas.

I have spent 4 years learning & refining my practice I am certainly driven, ambitious passionate & committed to creating the best possible outcomes. My favourite part of the design process is the idea generation. I relish solving problems, being creative and using my imagination to generate an effective concept. However, to make an effective concept, prior research is essential.

In my opinion, advertising and graphic design are incredibly influential, they have immense power to persuade and manipulate. With this power I wish to create campaigns which are beneficial.

“It could be argued that advertising is the most influential institution of socialisation in modern society: it structures mass media content; it seems to play a key role in the construction of gender identity” (Jhally, S. 1990, The codes of advertising. New York: Routledge, p1)

Role / Position: 
Advertiser and Graphic Designer