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I create my work after growing up surrounded by the creative work of my family and its unmediated creativity in many different practises - painting, sculpture and engineering.

I have always been interest in outsider art, the work of self-taught artists whose forms of creative expression exist outside accepted cultural norms and are intuitive rather than learnt.

Currently I am fascinated by graffiti - everything from Pompeii, the late 70’s early 80’s up to current street art and its sense of the ridiculous and exaggeration. The natural mixture of media, subject matter and its immediacy produce very potent images with amazing results across continents.

I like to work freely and sporadically from images I have collected as cuttings from many sources - magazines, old books, sketches and any memories that linger or arise as I start to produce a piece.

My work purely signifies a need to make order of my collected images whether stored in sketch book or brain by displaying them and physically presenting them like a mental rinse.

Each piece starts out as aerosol, marker pen and acrylics but always end up involving any fillers, GRP, inks, oil colours and images that are lying around I feel I need at the time.

To me the work means complete relaxation – unloading unrefined images like an exorcism, the comfort of a nostalgia trip that you can revisit and no longer carry.

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Justin Carroll Art
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