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I am a Co-founding member of an independent clothing brand, namely Rose London LTD. The brand accumulated well over 130k unique followers on social media platforms. The brand has achieved success by being worn by a number of TV personalities on various TV reality shows, resulting in the brand gaining a popular following. The brand attained lucrative orders from high street retailers such as ASOS and FootAsylum.

I am a composed, driven individual with over 4 years’ experience within the fashion design industry.
I am experienced within Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. My main job role was to design and develop ideas into product for our audience. Also, i was able to create engaging with our customers through the digital communications media. This included creating engaging content via our website, and email campaigns. From this I was able to judge our audiences reaction to product, identifying their needs and ultimately growing the brands outreach to tens of thousands worldwide.

Since moving on from Rose London, I have used my skills experience obtained to set my own freelancing business. Within this I help brands with the design aspect of their business. Nurturing their needs into production of orders. These brands have gained rapid growth with their own range of clothing being noticed by high street retailers, and orders being made.

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