Areas of expertise:

Darlun ethandodd


With a strong background in both the creation of Art and the curation of Group and Solo shows within the Cardiff arts scene, I feel like I have gained valuable experience in all aspects of curation as well as having links throughout various creative circles within the city. These skills are attuned to the benefit of your establishment, and would allow me to be a pro-active and successful part of your team. Through my experience as head Founder and Curator of 'Phosphorus Collective’ I have taken an active role in finding and attaining funding from various funding bodies, promotion (creative control over promotional design and promotion of the collective), administration and organisation of multiple successful exhibitions, residencies and happenings throughout Cardiff and Beyond.

Some of my key skills include;
Surveying and Recording spaces
Able to provide examples of drawing, sculpture, floor planning and digital work
Gained valuable experience as a leading founder and director of my own art collective, Phosphorus collective.
Experienced in locating and securing spaces for shows.
Experienced in Curation, aesthetic design and building of spaces during my time with Phosphorus.
Confident in driving to new area with no prior knowledge of.
Creativity and adaptability, suited to fulfill any niche situation that may come my way.
Strong skills in Administration, Promotion, Communication and Organisation.
A great amount of energy to achieve and exceed expectations.
Proficient with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Social Media and the Internet.
Links through various creative sectors including; the arts, music, events and more.

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