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My practice is concerned with giving an audience member an experience. Dance can still be seen as stuffy and non-progressive. I’m very much interested in finding new ways of making a dance practice which is transgressive and yet physical.

I’m a working class artist who utilises my cultural references into my work, be it through pop songs, objects and dancing. After spending the summer as a danceWeb scholar in Vienna. My physical practice has altered significantly. I am not interested in un-authentic movement.

I have worked with Doris Ulrich, Tactile Bosch, Eddie Ladd, National Theatre Wales, CommonWealth Theatre Company, Marc Rees, Luke Pell, Ema Jayne Park, Siriol Joyner, Joon Dance and Wendy Houstoun. Work has been shown in Cardiff, Swansea, London and Berlin. In May 2017 his piece Llaeth was shown at YIRRAMBOI Festival, for First Nation Art in Melbourne Australia.