Internal communications & engagement consultant at Hodge

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Darlun GJCartwright


You may think that creativity is not able to flourish in an environment that's as heavily regulated as the financial services industry. Fortunately, that's not true! 


Working as Internal Communications & Engagement Consultant for Hodge is a particularly exciting opportunity as it's a business that's set itself out on an exciting journey. There's a lot of innovation and ambition at Hodge, taking the business into new opportunities and, of course, new challenges. 


Being responsible for keeping our people informed and up to date with all this gives me just as much opportunity to innovate and think outside the box. We're a relatively small business and virtually all based out of one office, but that doesn't mean we don't have challenges where communication is concerned. 


I have followed this forum for quite some time, but wanted to get involved to see how others here inspire themselves and come up with exciting new ideas! 


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Internal Communications & Engagement Consultant