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Storytelling platform for conscious humans. Sharing and creating lifestyles that are real, liberated and diverse. A place for embracing community and wisdom.

BY-Monthly Open space workshops where we create a meaningful social environment for discussions around topics relating to lifestyle, sustainability, relationships with ourselves, others and our earth, gender energies, sexuality, religion and race. in a sacred and safe space always.

Open and honest discussions with ourselves, and others is such an important tool to have in life, when navigating our complex world and finding peace and happiness.
We seem to have lost the simple ways to be content in life. Life structures have become overcomplicated and false. Whilst our responsibility for the earth, and our own realities upon it have become increasingly careless and destructive.
A loss of ethical values towards community, equality and preservation. Has simply seen an increase in damaging individualistic politics, consumerism and the emptiness of systematic apathy.

Race, gender and wealth remain institutionalised, powerful and destructive tools of oppression in our Westernised capitalist societies. Yet, we have not only repeatedly made enemies from created categories of difference, we have also made inward enemies of ourselves. Mass-consumption and wasteful attitudes towards both our own other beings, and our earth, has ultimately numbed our ability to lust for life the way we yearn to, and to embody love for others and ourselves in the impossibly beautiful and intricate human way.

Rewild your conditioning to create a world where creativity and entrepreneurship can be celebrated, and not manipulated into forms of power and greed. Where we are born to feel energies and not binaries, to be in a natural sate of freedom and beauty, and to always feel enough.
When you can be anything in this life be kind, wise and conscious.

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Honey and Liberty
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