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Since 2002 It’s My Shout Ltd has been specialising in finding and developing new talent for the film industry. Every year we work with communities to produce short films for our broadcast partners, BBC and S4C

For each production; we link communities with industry professionals, community associations, drama groups, schools as well as further education & higher education establishments, to find the best new talent in Wales. Our projects aim to provide opportunities in film production all year around in an integrated and progressively structured way.

Our main ethos is to engage young people in a creative activity that can inspire and grow confidence. We aim to provide them with both hard and soft skills which can be transferable in every aspect of their lives.

Our award winning films have been shown all over the world on; BBC Cymru Wales, ITV Wales, S4C, Channel 4, The Euro Channel (Broadcast all over the world), on BBC ‘Big Screens’ (across all the major U.K. Cities), at Glastonbury Festival (as part of a specialist short film screening), and at Film Festivals around Europe including; The Celtic Film Festival and The Berlin Film Festival. We have also won 4 BAFTA Cymru Awards.

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It's My Shout
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Film & TV Training Scheme