Jack Slocombe

Areas of expertise:


I'm a writer currently looking for freelance opportunities. I've previously written a film script which disaster as it was taught me some invaluable lessons about the process! Currently finalising the second draft of my first novel.

I offer script doctoring services and narrative and character development guidance and would be delighted to support a multitude of projects including tv, film, drama or games. Or just plain ole' exciting emotive copy to grab your customers and audience.

Let me know what you need, we can talk it through and we can start fleshing out what it is you would like.

My writing style is inspired by the likes of Robert E. Howard, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton-Smith. So think occult horror with a dash of wry humour across vast cosmic landscapes with the fate of entire universes at stake. You know, light stuff that's fun for all the family.

My favourite books are "Mask of the Sorcerer" By Darrell Schweitzer and "Guards, Guards!" by Terry Pratchett.