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I am a Cardiff based vocalist specialising in rapping. I have been performing and creating music for over ten years, songwriting has been my absolute passion for the past five years.
I use the process of writing lyrics to express myself in a healthy, positive and productive way. It allows me to process emotions and stressful situations effectively through purging the feelings into lyrics.

Through being thrown well and truly into the deep end with a job teaching vulnerable high school students, I have put together a programme that effectively allows learners to understand the process of creating a song, from the very basics of songwriting and understanding emotions through music, up to performance, recording, arrangement and basic production.

I have 2 years teaching experience have experience working with students with learning difficulties. I am a patient, determined and focused musician who is willing to teach anyone who is interested in learning.

[I am currently running online courses via zoom/skype, please get in touch to dicuss if you are interested].

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Jake Brimble [Rapper]
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