James Barton

Areas of expertise:

Darlun James Barton


I am a queer disabled artist working in variety of mediums, from sculpture to words. I have worked in mental health facilitating clients to explore creativity, and volunteered at Maindee Festival for a number of years in the children's art tent.

I have a passion for weird projects, folklore and myths and incorporating them into my practice, as well as borrowing from anarchist and political collarge makers. Presently the cut up technique features heavily in my work and a long term passion project of creating zines featuring odd poetry constructed from words in specific numbered crossword clues along with collarge pieces is a good example of this work.

I also work as counsellor with children and young people where my love of creativity and play inform my work.

I have exhibited in Newport (Empty shops project and Mental health related exhibitions) and Pontypridd (Ponty Popup) but have sold and gifted art work globally.

Role / Position: 
Independent artist