Jen Rodgers

Facilities/office/studio manager & freelance illustrator at Fancypantsrodgers Illustration

Areas of expertise:

Darlun Jen Rodgers


I am a Facilities/Office Manager and freelance Illustrator hailing from South Wales and currently based in London. I am considering a move back to the motherland, and am open to Facilities/Office/Studio Manager opportunities, should they arise in Cardiff. I have 6 years of Facilities Management experience in Corporate/Financial Services and am keen to move into the creative sector, where I feel my personality and skills would be more suited.

For my Illustration artwork, I garner inspiration from nature, risqué fashion photography, kitsch & vintage imagery, 50s & 60s pin-up magazines, retro playboy manuals and dinosaurs! My work is a blend of hand-drawn imagery, collage and carefully selected personal photography, polished off with a little computer magic. I have lived in London, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney and Wales.

Company Name: 
Fancypantsrodgers Illustration
Role / Position: 
Facilities/Office/Studio Manager & freelance Illustrator