Areas of expertise:

Darlun JoshuaSlocombe


I am an Edit Assistant and Junior Editor who is trying to make themselves a career in the film and TV,
I have spend 2018-2019 as an Apprentice at BBC Bristol working on shows such as Countryfile Diaries and Frozen Planet 2, Both working as an Archive Researcher and Edit Assistant.

I am fluent in Premiere Pro and know the basics of AVID, Da Vinci and After Effects, I am very keen to learn more on them and as I am a quick learner I am sure I will be efficient on both within the next 5 months.
I also like to communicate with my work colleagues, always leaving handovers to make sure they know how much I have to do and what I have to do, I like to be a very organised person and right everything down because I know I will need it in the future. I am not afraid to ask questions either, if I don’t understand something I would rather let my team leader know rather than make a mistake and look even more silly than I would if I just asked a question.