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Light Entertainment shows are powered by technology and many of the shows you see day to day are powered by ours! We design and build the systems that run those giant LED screens, trigger the lights and sounds, and put tablets, keypads, buzzers and wearable tech into the hands of contestants and audiences around the world.

We create the tech that lets the presenters look cool and informed, the contestants have fun, the audience feel part of the show and for you to be entertained and wowed by the spectacle of modern TV. We’re experts at making the complicated problems look simple, and our clients come to us daily asking us to build cutting edge tech that nobody has attempted before.

We're a small, focused team who have a reputation for delivering high quality production values, with an adaptable and flexible technology platform, designed and built in-house, that lets us respond to the pressures of a TV production environment quickly and reliably.

Our clients include Endemol, Possessed, Objective Media, Hungry Bear, Remedy Productions, STV, Electric Ray, 12 Yard; Most of the big UK LE prod co's basically. Our shows include Pointless, Fifteen To One, Countdown, Tenable and Only Connect to name just a few.

Look out for our hashtag #poweredbykpx to find out more about our shows each day!

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Kinetic Pixel