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Dancer, facilitator, movement director, producer, performer, human at Linzy Na Nakorn

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Linzy Na Nakorn is a freelance dance artist. She is interested in collaborative performance, mixed-media art forms, interactive performance and movement research.

She is a company performer and producer for multi-sensory immersive company BitterSuite, member of Bristol based collective INTERVAL and free-lancing performer, producer, facilitator, choreographer and has most recently entered the world of movement direction.

Linzy has had experience in the past few years workings with and dancing under the direction of Seven Sisters Group, Impermanence Dance Theatre, Lisa May Thomas, Luca Silvestrini, Vanessa Cook, Zoi Dimitriou, Masako Matsushita, Lavish Designs, Femi Oyewole and Mata Sakka for Sasha Waltz & Guests. Each experience bringing new perspectives to dance both physically and theoretically. She has shown work, taught and performed internationally in New York, Italy, Belgium, Spain and for festivals across the UK.

Bittersuite perform The Sensory Score at Wilderness Festival 2015
Linzy works with several multi-mode performance companies who have audience participation and immersion at the heart of their ethos. Performances that not only you can see, but hear, feel, taste, touch, smell and move to. These companies encourage active audience engagement pushing for honest, experiential, physical and felt performance for participants, viewers and makers.

For more in depth information on the projects Linzy is working on right now, please explore the website and feel free to browse through the ‘blog’ section.


Linzy received her Diploma in Dance Studies at Middlesex University in 2009, before being awarded a Distinction on the Fda Dance Theatre Performance at Plymouth University in Bristol. Linzy then went onto graduate from TrinityLaban Conservatoire for Music and Dance receiving a 1st class Honours in Contemporary Dance. She was a shortlisted choreographer for The Old Vic London’s ‘Old Vic 12’ program in 2015 and recipiant of the BIDE transatlantic scholarship to Buenos Aires International Dance Exchange in April 2016.

Linzy is an Equity Dancers Union member.

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Linzy Na Nakorn
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Dancer, facilitator, movement director, producer, performer, human