Areas of expertise:


I am a third-year student at Cardiff University, studying English Literature and Journalism. I am a friendly and outgoing individual who enjoys meeting new people and creating connections. My time at Cardiff University has only enhanced this aspect of my personality, as it has allowed me to work within a team. Teamwork is something I thrive at as I enjoy listening, exchanging ideas and working together to build the final project. I am also extremely dedicated and like to put one hundred per cent into everything I do. I am unsure with what area I would like to go into after University but I am keeping an open mind and want to explore all avenues. Furthermore, recreationally I like spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy watching television and developed a real appreciation for its production and the content. I love dramas, ('Noughts and Crosses', BBC, 'Liar', ITV) supernatural (Discovery of Witches, Sky) and documentaries ('The Mind of Aaron Hernandez', Netflix). My passion for television and my thirst to create has translated into my degree, as in my Creative Writing Diss, I am writing a screenplay. My screenplay is largely based on trends that I have noticed on television and film, music.