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Project manager/writer/journalist/author/oral historian/researcher/interviewer at Marsha O'Mahony

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Formal bit: I am an experienced and resourceful writer/researcher, and oral historian, with a spirit for team work and the capacity to manage multiple tasks and demanding projects, producing work of quality and clarity, often within challenging timescales. I make a positive contribution to heritage and media communications and project work for a wide range of organisations in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Gwent, and the wider area.

I am the seventh child of nine born to a large Irish family. When I was 22 I decided it was time to see a bit of the world, and set off, not returning for another four years. In that time, I filled shampoo bottles in Sydney, waitressed in a cocktail bar in an opal mining town, attempted teaching English in Hong Kong, Japan and Nepal, and ended up in Tashkent on her way back to England, courtesy of Aeroflot for reasons best known to the Russian authorities.

I studied Anthropology & Politics at University, gaining a First-Class Honours and First Prize and publication of her dissertation, an examination of the Burakumin, Japan’s ‘underclass’, as a caste. I was set on the path of PhD glory, when I won a scholarship to study for her MA in Anthropology & Development.

Long story short, I settled in Herefordshire in 1996 and had two children, who have now flown the nest. I have worked as a reporter on weekly and daily newspapers, am author and contributing writer to a number of books, a commissioned memoir writer, blogger, chief researcher and oral historian on a series of documentary film projects, with local production company Catcher Media, currently project manager and oral historian for the Living Levels Partnership on the Gwent Levels, community reporter for BBC Radio Wales, reminiscence session worker, been engaged in public relations successfully placing clients on BBC Radio 4 and in national publications, and a published playwright. I also researched, interviewed, and wrote, ‘River Voices: Stories from the Wye’, appearing at Hay Festival with it in May 2019.

Should be half-way through commissioned book about hop farming in Herefordshire & Worcestershire. It is fascinating and must stop interviewing people soon. Lots of pickers came up from South Wales for the harvest.

In the course of her career, she has interviewed a huge number of people, from farmers, MPs, teenage mothers, poachers, bailiffs, nuns, and the last man born on St Kilda!

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Marsha O'Mahony
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Project Manager/writer/journalist/author/oral historian/researcher/interviewer