Ophelia Dos Santos

Head designer at Ophelia Dos Santos

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Darlun Ophelia Dos Santos


I’m Ophelia, I am a Welsh textile designer based in Cardiff. Specialising in hand embroidery, my projects aim to inspire social and environmental change - by encouraging people to think able how we buy, re-use and throw away fashion.

I believe that fashion can be sustainable without comprising style or restricting what you can wear. My works highlight the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, such as the damaging use of water and chemical waste. Through my brand and online presence I advocate for second hand and vintage, presenting the benefits of swapping, borrowing or renting clothes as opposed to buying newly produced clothes. In doing so, bring forward a cycle of repair, rework and recycle; by demonstrating how old denim can be reinvented with simple embroidery techniques, inspiring people to alter their wardrobe or look at home (sharing short step-by-step clips online).

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Ophelia Dos Santos
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Head Designer