It analyst at Tata Consultancy Services

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I have started my career in a start-up company. The company experience = my experience. learned lot everything by self-learning. learned self-responsibility. I have been played both individual developer and a team player. Also handled the team as a team leader as well as mentor, trainer. After 3 years moved to one of the world's biggest MNC Cognizant Technologies Solutions. Here I learned an MNC level process and project discipline like Agile, Scrum call, coding standards, product delivery and following proper roadmap. after 3+ years I moved to Tata Consultancy Service and now working for CITI client, It's completely new dimensional one. because It's a banking product. learning still security and maintenance, importantly, working on customer expectations and their priorities.

I'm looking for good opportunity and pursuing learning new technologies and like to work more POC and R&D related works.

I have become a contributor in GitHub and then I started writing own components and publishing OSS maven. It becomes a passion for me. If any component is needed I would not use 3rd parties. because It's license can be revoked anytime. It happened once. So mostly I would check the requirement and I will create the component. If personnel component I will publish in GitHub with Apache2.0 license for free.
I have contributed code to many libraries by fork and pull request.

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Tata Consultancy Services
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IT Analyst