Head honcho aka big kahuna aka the big cheese aka el presidente at RYE RYE

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I am an emerging artist from North Wales who is graduating Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Art & Design this year. I am not there to simply make up the numbers, painting is my passion therefore I continually push and obsess over ideas to achieve meaningful works that demonstrate my creative ability. I wish to be given this opportunity with Watershed New Talent Residency and become part of its adept way of thinking. Use my time here to fathom out how I turn my talent into a successful business, whilst reaping the rewards of being surrounded by other creative individuals. Allow my change of environment to inspire new works and provide me with a fresh approach. I feel being offered a place on this programme will certainly help me develop as an artist and open my eyes to the road that lies ahead.
My practice stems from a natural inclination toward human psychology, with a specific interest in transitional objects. Equipped with a figurative, mixed-media background, I have refined my current focus to memories and environment. The most recent body of work I created is based around the toy clown I was given as a child. Making use of his aesthetic pleasures objectifies my mental state. These paintings aim to reveal the depths of my character through strong symbolism and recurring themes. My practice is a continuous improvisational and impulsive process. The overall aim is to provide the viewer with an understanding of who I am. Many thanks for considering me and I look forward to you reply.

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Head Honcho aka Big Kahuna aka The Big Cheese aka El Presidente