Sarah Naylor

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I am a family portrait photographer and creative documentary photographer with my latest project "Patchwork of a City" documenting the story of Cardiff as a patchwork quilt of future memories for the city.
In 2018 I left the lovely studio where I had worked for 4 years doing family and baby photography to start the adventure that is Sarah Lois Photography. I started taking families outdoors and allowing myself to be challenged in a space where I could get more creative.
I am absolutely passionate about creating images which will stay with your family for generations and show intimate family moments in beautiful natural settings.

In my own creative project, Patchwork of a City I love to show the unseen subtle changes in Cardiff, things which go almost unnoticed by those who are in the environment day by day but which change the fabric of the city forever over time. My intention is to work on this in the long term and create a large collection of these small pieces of our lovely capital.

As a portrait photographer I’ve been able to capture so many special images in my sessions - superhero costumes, rock n roll bands, pets of all shapes and sizes (even horses!), babies of just a few days old, grandparents of nearly 100 years old, friends, family, races, leaf fights, playing in the waves, cuddles with mum or dad and anything else you can think of! I have loved every minute of it and often come home covered in mud or sand and exhausted but with a big smile on my face.
I’m so thankful for all my lovely customers and clients for making Sarah Lois Photography happen.

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Sarah Lois Photography