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Darlun Steve Be


The Hold Up is a crew/collective made up of Emcees, Writers, DJs, Breakers and Industry Professionals based in South Wales in the UK.

We’re promoters of Hip-Hop Culture. We host regular nights, jams, workshops and open mic cyphers across South Wales.

Expression through Hip-Hop Culture has made each member of our team who they are today.

The Hold Up Events & Promotion
We’re currently Resident Promoters at Cardiff’s Gwdihw Café Bar. You could also catch us with our pop-up stall and sound system at Festivals, Graffiti Jams and happenings across South Wales and the rest of the UK.

Gatherings and events are a great way to practice the tenants of Hip-Hop Culture. Peace, Love and Unity are all very important but having a good time, is one of our favourites.

The Hold Up Education & Workshops
We’re passionate about sharing our skills and experience with everyone. Individuals on our team have as much as 20+ years mastering their respective elements.

Company Name: 
The Hold Up
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Project Coordinator/Tutor