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Tempo is a rapidly-growing social enterprise with huge ambition. Our work builds strong, resilient communities and gives people the tools to make real, lasting changes in their lives.

Tempo works to enable more people to volunteer in their communities, because giving your time and feeling valued improves health, happiness and future prospects. We do this with Time Credits, one of the world’s largest time-based community currencies. People earn Time Credits when they give their time and spend them on a wide range of activities they choose. Over 56,000 people have earned over 900,000 Time Credits so far, and we partner with over 1500 community organisations, public services and businesses.
We co-design and deliver Time Credits programmes in partnership with local authorities, health, social care and housing providers, schools, businesses and voluntary sector organisations.

Our model builds on the concept of Time Banking: a currency system that uses time as the unit of exchange. This concept was theorised and popularised by human rights lawyer Edgar Cahn in 1986.

Time Credits programmes build connections at a local level by joining up the public, private and voluntary sectors in a community. Individuals earn Time Credits through a network of local community organisations, charities and services that we engage and support to reach new people and thank existing volunteers with Time Credits.

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Tempo Time Credits
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