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Darlun TomAlgorithm


I have been an avid musician, music producer and composer for over 19 years. My musical background has involved composing, playing and producing music in bands spanning genres of Jazz, Progressive Metal, Surf Pop and Rock. Utilising my skills as a multi-instrumentalist and singer. I play the guitar, bass guitar, piano, trumpet and vocals. Ive had many years experience working with synthesisers both hardware and software and digital audio workstations primarily Ableton Live. I've gained a broad understanding of working with other DAW's such as Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools.

I have since moved away from playing in bands as much as I still adore the music my forte lies with electronic music, performing as a DJ/Artist producing Techno, Tech House, House, Deep House, Electronica, Progressive House and Ambient. I have a great admiration and love for this music.

Some of my accomplishments to date have been:

composing soundscapes for visual artists installations.
Writing theme and background music for S4C productions.
Signing many recordings to labels in the UK and Europe - Datatech, SOA Potsdam - Berlin, Big Mamas House, Raise Recordings, Suicide Robot, Death Proof Recordings and Stig.
Releases played on BBC Radio.
Play alongside high profile artists such as Fits Wentink, Kris Wadsworth, Viers and Dense and Pika to name a few.
played at many events across the UK including destinations such as Bristol, Birmingham,Cardiff and London.
Hosted and promoted club events across Cardiff at popular venues - Undertone, Buffalo,The Full Moon, Inkspott and The Vaults.

I'm currently working on a live set for my newest venture under the alias "Tom "Algorithm". I'm continuing to produce genre spanning music and forever working towards perfecting my craft as a performing artist composer and music producer.

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