Areas of expertise:


I worked for the Kennel Club in London for 17 years. I started in 1998 and was promoted several times and given considerable responsibility for key projects and events. As Customer Service Team Leader, a position I held for five years, I successfully managed a very busy team, juggling different projects and ensuring that the seven members of staff in the team also met their own deadlines and projects. The team was the ‘engine room’ of the department, responsible for huge volumes of administration dealing with a large number of functions all governed by very complex rules and regulations. All aspects of office administration were included: data entry; customer first port of call via email, phone and correspondence; licensing and liaison with our Finance Department; generation of advice via the website, press releases and leaflets; handling often heated complaints and disputes; support of Committee meetings; creation of management information to inform departmental strategy. A busy team under pressure also meant that I developed a great deal of experience in managing staff as well as recruiting and managing the twice yearly appraisal system.

I also undertook a great deal of project work undertaken while working for the Kennel Club and was frequently sought out by management to deliver projects or contribute to events. One of the most enjoyable projects I did, was to overhaul and update all of the Beginners Guides leaflets covering all aspects of canine sports. A creative writing role I enjoyed and which also required me to liaise with our Marketing department to design the new suite of Guides. I was also tasked with the organisation and management of various aspects of live events. For example, I organised an annual event at Earls Court called the Junior Warrant Competition, dealing with all the necessary administrative duties to create the event, liaising with the press and marketing team and training and managing a small team of staff working at the live event.

The Kennel Club also gave me an excellent attention to detail. I ran the publication of an annual book for the Kennel Club. Published every June, it contained over a thousand pages of detailed data relating to competitions during the previous year. It was my job to extract the data, organise the proof reading with specialists and sign off the final documents once I was happy that the information was correct. No margin for error was permitted.

In 2016 I left this position and went travelling around America. When I returned I briefly did some volunteering at a local Social Club set up by a friend. I didn’t wish to return to London, therefore I relocated to Norwich where some family and friends were already located. Roles were not easy to find and I accepted a temporary role for the Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. It was a data entry position, entering vital information onto Excel spreadsheets for NHS England. The figures that I inputted were used towards statistics that were used by Government.

My next role was for QMS International Ltd. QMS International are an ISO auditing company. They are responsible for booking all Audit appointments, inspecting remote Audits in house and ensuring requirements of the Standards are being met. My main duty in this role was to check, record and process Remote Audits and complete reports whether they had met the requirements of the Standard or whether there was further evidence needed.

In June 2018 I moved to Monmouth to be closer to my parents and to help with a big house renovation. I have a Diploma in Interior Design and was able use these skills along with the more technical skills in Photoshop to design rooms and renovate the property.

I took a temporary role during this period at Mandarin Stone, in the Sales Office. Processing online orders, raising quotes and taking orders and payments over the telephone. 

I also worked for one week at the Decorative Arts Fair, organising the PR director, carrying out administrative tasks and running the office.

Having now finished the renovation project, and feeling very settled living in Wales, I am now seeking a challenging role which will utilise my proven ability in all aspects of office administration. I love the Welsh capital and wish to find employment in Cardiff.

I am a very organised and methodical person with a creative flair. I have a real passion for Interior Design, the Arts and Media, TV and Film and would love to be able to work in an industry I’m enthusiastic about where I can use my professional administrative knowledge to the best effect.

Role / Position: 
Senior Administrator