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Creative Cardiff wants our city to be a capital of creativity.

We're sure the way to do this is by working collaboratively and playing to our collective strengths as a city. The Creative Cardiff team are working with Cardiff Council and their staff on a series of practical challenges to do just that. Supported by Arts Council of Wales, we want to kick-start projects that look at some aspects of our city from a new, creative led angle. As well as talking, we want to start doing.

The first Creative Cardiff workshop will explore the first of these challenges: Cardiff’s identity as a creative city. 

We’ll begin in the morning with an ideas session. As creatives, what do we want people to think about when we say that we’re from Cardiff? What stories should we tell about the city? What should our city be synonymous with? Are there any lesser-known facts which we should shout about? What examples can we refer to? Are there myths that need proving or dispelling once and for all? If Cardiff is a liveable city, how does our cultural and creative community contribute to this? 

We also want think of practical ways we can put these ideas into action. In groups, we’ll identify what needs to happen first, what you can contribute in an achievable timeframe. By the end of the day we want to have one or two ideas that Creative Cardiff can facilitate going forward; involving the wider creative community of the city.

Ahead of the workshop we’ll be sharing background information, facts and figures, resources and inspiration on our website. After the workshop we’ll send regular progress updates and ways to be involved as the ideas evolve. We’ll also be announcing two further creative city challenges in the coming months so if you’re not already a member of Creative Cardiff, join our network to find out more about how you can get involved.