SUDDENLY:Mushrooms, Vol 1, Part2: Catalydd

   Earlier this year, Ffangaí published Part 1 of the first Volume of SUDDENLY:Mushrooms  to great aplomb. Off of it, some collaborations have started taking place, and new eyeballs reached.

   We thank everyone who participated in helping make it.

   Part 2 will be published in August 2019, and we're giving you all a wider window to contribute content to the second part of this volume. As you can find in the back of Part 1: Surgued, the title of Part 2 is "CATALYDD: catalysts, beginnings and boot-up sequences". As such, we're interested in the following:

  • Work that is actively creating a dialogue with work that was published in Vol 1, Part 1: Surgued. Please refer to the previous issue of SUDDENLY:Mushrooms. It can be your own work you're creating a dialogue with, or another artist's.
  • Political catalysts, beginnings, origins, and new ideas existing in the current social discourse wherever you are from and at.
  • Any interpretation of the idea of “catalyst”. If you can defend the tenuous relationship between the word and the piece you submit, we'll accept it. 
  • Life juxtaposed with death 
  • And whatever thing that is a "start"

To submit, send us an email to PROJECTFFANGAI@GMAIL.COM titled CATALYDD SUBMISSION with: 

  • Name
  • Online Presence Links 
  • Geographical Location 
  • A 50-word bio 
  • Up to 200 words explaining how your submission explores the themes of this Issue 
  • Project Title 
  • Date it was Made 
  • If the piece has previously been published or shown elsewhere, do list the platforms and dates of publication.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thank you for your time and can't wait to see what you contribute with!