Jul 18

Experienced person to help with filing patent/DR

Closing Deadline 31st July

I have invented/designed a new item of jewellery. My invention is patentable but unfortunately I have little knowledge of the legal jargon that a patent requires. I have no funds to go to a IPO specialist or design attorney and have sought all the free advice that is available. I now realise I have to patent the idea myself so as I have some protection but know that it will cost money to have a professional do it. 

I need someone with that sort of knowledge who I could talk to and maybe help me file it. I also need help with branding as I realise how important this is. So anyone with branding knowledge would be great too.

I already have a manufacturer lined up, I have CAD files, I have filed design rights but deferred publication.

I would really appreciate help as I feel it is almost impossible for inventors/designers these days.

If you can help, please contact me, Wendy D, on: 07722237927 or by email