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Course date: First session March 2020

Cost: £2,000 (includes lunch and refreshments across all 7 sessions)

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Our Leadership and Business Administration course is designed to be a mini, work-based taster of our Executive MBA programme. It will help you gain essential business knowledge and enhance your professional performance to enable you to realise your career potential.

This exciting programme will provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to take a leading role within your organisation. It will help you to develop your strategic knowledge and give you the insight needed to influence and affect real change.

All sessions will provide multiple opportunities for participants to appreciate how the discussed concept relates to and/or affects their work.

Many examples will be provided from a range of different sectors, in order to illustrate key learning points. After each session you will be able to practically apply your learning straight away.

We have also recently added new sessions to our programme – Digital Marketing, Responsible Digital Leadership and Project Management – in order to better equip you for today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Lecturers include Dr. Sarah Hurlow, David Jones, Prof. Maneesh Kumar, Richard Strudwick, Prof. Aoife McDermott and Rachel WilliamsDr. Richard BaylissProf. Rob Morgan and Dan Simmons.

Join us for this excellent Executive Education programme at Cardiff Business School.


This programme has been designed to meet the needs of experienced middle managers looking for ways to develop their understanding and knowledge of business to further their career.

The LBA Programme is designed to fit around your work and home commitments as it is delivered in one-day sessions across 12 months. You can choose to participate in all sessions or can just pick those of most interest to you. It’s completely flexible. However, all of the topics proposed have been selected in order to give you the broad spectrum of expertise needed to hold senior leadership positions.

Active participation in the programme is required from participants and the completion of project work is essential.

The LBA programme is created for current and future leaders to gain essential business knowledge and the confidence needed to take a leading role in your organisation. 


Leadership and professional development: 10 March 2020

  • Different approaches to leadership
  • Understanding leaders as individuals vs leadership as a process
  • Identification of personality type and work preferences – development of action plans to improve personal effectiveness
  • Identification of the organisational factors necessary to foster a distributed or collaborative form of leadership.

Digital leadership: 24 April 2020

  • Improving engagement and transparency in an uncertain environment
  • How teams and individuals can collaborate together to foster mutual trust
  • How to create an environment of responsibility.

Operations management: 20 May 2020

  • Appreciation of key operations management techniques
  • Utilisation of visualisation techniques as an aid to problem solving
  • Continuous Improvement Tools application and how to embed
  • Understanding the challenges inherent in the management of operations.

High performing teams: 14 July 2020

  • Adaptive and distributed leadership
  • Developing a healthy team culture
  • Psychological safety
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Developing a healthy team culture.

HR and performance management: 8 September 2020

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of key Human Resources techniques and practices
  • Exploration of the key issues that arise in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Evaluate and assess the efficacy of different HRM activities from different organisational perspectives
  • Appreciation of the impact of personnel policy in terms of business performance, compliance with employment law and adherence to accepted standards of ethical practice.

Finance for non-financial managers: 15 October 2020

  • How to interpret accounts, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and financial ratios
  • Control of working capital, stock, creditors, debtors and cash
  • Budget forecasting and control
  • Cost accounting and control.

Strategic management: 2 November 2020

  • Awareness and application of basic strategic management concepts and analytical tools
  • Recognition, appraisal and assessment of strategic processes within organisations
  • Diagnosing strategic problems and evaluating strategic choices
  • Demonstration of an awareness of ethics and the role and rights of various stakeholders in order to manage stakeholder demands.



  • This is a very flexible programme, designed to fit in around existing work and home commitments. Choose to attend all sessions or just the ones that most interest you.
  • Teaching will be wholly applicable to the workplace, so that, following a session, you will be able to begin practically applying your learning straight away.
  • Conversations within the programme are connected to real-world problems that participants are currently facing within the workplace, and those that you will likely face in the future.
  • Teaching examples are provided from a range of different sectors, in order to illustrate key learning points.
  • A Certificate of Attendance for Executive Education at Cardiff Business School will be awarded subject to the completion of all of the education elements of the programme and Senior Management review of associated project work within the organisation.
  • Study at Cardiff Business School and benefit from access to researchers working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines.



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