I'm looking for people who want to learn basic filmmaking principles and video editing, to test my new film education resource. It's a short film (2 scenes, 90 clips) that you can edit yourself. You'll learn about shot selection, camera position and movement, continuity and video editing principles. It includes a PDF user guide, and introductions to basic editing techniques in iMovie, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC (though I have enough Premiere testers). 

I'm looking for people with limited or no filmmaking experience to test it out and give feedback. You'll need access to iMovie (free with every Mac) or Final Cut Pro X (Apple are currently offering a 90 day free trial). As a tester you'll get a free copy of the finished resource when it's published. If you get back to me with feedback and a review by April 24th, you'll also get a copy of my ebook 'Start Making Movies' when it's published later this year. 

If you're interested please email me (tom@learnaboutfilm.com) with some background information about yourself and your interest in filmmaking, and which program you'll be using.