Find Your Voice CardiffFind Your Voice will be returning to Cardiff this Summer Holiday! UpRising Cymru are onthe hunt for 16 future heroes from Cardiff to shake things up.

WHO IS IT FOR?Find Your Voice will show you how to overcome the fear and let the world know what youcare about. To apply, you must:● Be aged 16-18● Live in Cardiff● Have a passion to make a positive difference in your community

We're not looking for the most clued-up, perfect activists, pro-campaigners or Grade Astudents - we'll support and guide you every step of the way! Worried that you want make adifference, but you don't fit the bill or think that you're not experienced enough? Well, thisis the Programme for you!

WHAT’S INVOLVED?● Attend a four day programme learning about key skills such as teamwork,leadership and communication with experts from a variety of industries!● Launch a digital campaign and work with Radio Platfform to make a podcast on anenvironmental issues you care about!● Tell the big decision makers in Cardiff what you really think!● Develop your courage and teamwork aboard a sailing voyage with Challenge Wales!● Explore your belief, learn new skills and challenge yourself!

WHAT IS THE COST?It’s free! In some circumstances travel costs can be covered.

HOW CAN I APPLY?It’s so easy - take 5 minutes to sign up at You will need yourname, email, mobile number and date of birth. We will then send you an application form!

For more information please contact Libbi Prestidge, Programme Coordinator or 07342 994076