When we start to think about developing a company and it’s brand it is often easy to forget about the most important aspect. That is, of course, the customer. We get carried away with thinking about what we want to do and how we want to do it, that we lose sight of how a brand should help someone.

In this one hour online workshop, Hoffi will run through how we get to know about users of a brand, which helps to steer brand development, customer service, and communication strategy. We will then run through some practical exercises which will give you the tools to create a rich understanding of your existing customers or potential new ones.

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This workshop is part of a series of workshops Hoffi will be running around brand and strategy. Please see below for the other workshops:

  • Making decisions to create a brand strategy 

  • Develop your brand aesthetic

  • Diversifying and re-evaluating your brand

  • Storytelling for branding

As times are tough we are not charging for this series of online workshops. What we would suggest if you do have a little money to pay for the workshop you perhaps could donate to a local charity. 



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