This practical workshop introduces participants to tips and techniques for taking photographs of their products/artworks. Participants will learn the basics of digital photography as well as simple ways of lighting and styling their products for social media, blogs and online shops. There will be hands-on tasks in a relaxed environment and participants will be able to photograph a chosen object using simple, fuss-free techniques.


What you need to bring:

Participants will be asked to bring their own digital camera (this can be a DSLR or compact digital camera), a tripod, an object (preferably one of their own products/artworks), a notepad and pen.


What you will learn:

- Getting the most out of your camera

- Using natural and artificial lighting

- Styling with creative backgrounds and props

- Trends and styles to suit you and your business

Who should attend:

- Makers and crafters

- Etsy & NOTHS sellers

- Online shop owners

- Designers

- Artists

- Bloggers


TICKETS available via Eventbrite