Scrappy Working for Digital Comms — starting to work in a more agile way 

Thursday 11 October, 3pm — 5pm 

What is it about? 

Plan strategically, but work scrappily. Despite a strong desire for change, we tend to operate from comfort and habit — from what we know. We need to embrace ‘scrappy experimentation’ in order to achieve long term goals and improve our ability to shift within organisational cultures. 

Join engagement strategist and change agent Rachel in this online workshop to gain insight and inspiration. You’ll explore the problems you want to tackle. Learn how to identify what contributing conditions are within your control and what creative approaches there are to alter these conditions. Discover who could be collaborators within and outside of your organisation. You’ll learn the joy of prototyping, evaluating and applying your learnings over time. Learn scrappy. Stay scrappy. 

What will I gain? 

— Insight into working on long-term goals through collaborative and measurable short-term projects 

— A chance to examine case studies, including “better-case” and “you’re your own worst enemy” scenarios 

— Examples of scrappy (low tech, high learning and non-traditional) experiments that supported more organic cultural change in organisations over time 

Who is it for? 

This workshop is for anyone who would like to understand how to work in a more agile way. 

This workshop has been programmed with AMAculturehive Digital Lab Fellows in mind but anyone can attend. 


  • AMA member rate: £55 + VAT 

  • Arts Council England NPO: £55 + VAT 

  • Non-Member: £115 + VAT