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Cooked Illustrations makes visual communications materials.

Our focus is on providing the conference, seminar and events sector with real, long-term impact and improved learning outcomes.

When we get together at these events, we come up with ideas to shape our world! Yet, when these events close and the delegates return to their daily cycles, most of the created stories fade away. Notes are ignored, learning is suspect, and those great world-changing narratives soon lost forever.

Cooked Illustrations wants to make every single event out there to have real, long-term impact and improved engagement. Both on the people who attend them, and the public who benefits from these ideas.

Our method sees us attend your event in order to capture, collect and illustrate your stories. We then work with you to translate them into creations that have ensure information retention and learning outcomes with your particular audience.

Our products are illustrated, animated, for print and for screen.

We have experience working in the cultural sector, as science communicators, and in local higher education.

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Cooked Illustrations