Areas of expertise:


Hello, my name is Akosua Darko. I recently finished my undergraduate degree in English literature and Creative writing. As you can tell, I love to write, analyse, evaluate and read. I am a highly motivated and independent individual. In my degree, I had very little contact with my lecturers, the majority of my learning had to be done independently. I also had to learn great time management and organisational skills. The large volume of reading, essay writing and the versality, discipline and volume of creative writing meant without those skills, I was definitely going to fail my degree. I learnt to work underpressure and to tight deadlines. My degree also gave me excellent verbal and communication skills, as well as the ability to learn from criticism. In lectures, my ideas were scrutinised and in creative writing I had to read my work out for the rest of the class and be ready to take on their critique. Now I have fantastic public speaking skills and can pitch my ideas or talk confidently to anyone.

Despite the demands of my degree and bearing in mind I had to catch up with the rest of the class because I lacked an English A level, but my passion for creativity and my persuasive speaking skills managed to persuade my lecturer to let me on the course. I managed to excel beyond expectations and become the first liberation editor for my school news paper, covering the news affecting Black, LGBT + students, disabled students, international students and women. I secured this role after covering the news across most of the sectors of the student newspaper, including sports, news, societies, features and this year I even had one article in the relationship column. Wherever there was a need for an article to be covered, wether I was knowledgable or not in the topic. I was determined to cover it.

I also became quiet popular during my early years of university and was picked to be the mental health social secretary, during my time in university I held roles as subject rep, I joined the drama society, Christian Union- I also gave out water to drunk students on Friday nights in club outreach and became a leader in the biggest student organisation in Europe- the national union of students. I was black students officer for Wales. My role involved making students feel at ease at conferences, encouraging them to run for positions, campaigning, organising events, selecting speakers for events, dealing with the grievances of students and negiotiating with NUS staff, students and student unions to improve the life's of the students I represented and students as a whole , chairing panels- some notable panelists were Mark Duggan's brother and the UFFC march. I sold items for the Black woman's forum of which I am now a permanent member of the committee. I worked with the bully project in America and was an upstander of the week after my story went viral with the popular movement.

I also worked at my schools career fair and ushered the business representatives into their allocated slots and ushered students around the fair. I also leaflets and publicised the event.

I also worked for a telecommunications company recently by cold calling and getting people to fill in surveys for the general elections.

I love to read, socialise, fashion, writing satires, poems, debating, acting, mentoring, being a comedian church, work on social justice campaigns and laugh a lot.