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At Aloud we aim to engage each new generation of young people across Wales with the power of choral singing and through this activity to promote self-belief and self-confidence, to encourage aspiration, to build skills and to develop a sense of community.

We believe Aloud makes a unique contribution to sustaining and reinvigorating the cultural landscape of Wales and encourages audiences across Wales and the world to engage in new ways with the extraordinary Welsh choral tradition which underpins our existence.

Established as a charity in 2012 to administrate a number of choral projects already up and running across the country, Aloud now delivers activity through three main strands: Only Kids Aloud, Only Boys Aloud and the Principality Only Boys Aloud Academi.


Whatever their level or experience, we believe that children are happier and healthier when they sing together. In response to a landscape where funding cuts mean schools can struggle to deliver music learning and activity, our work under the Only Kids Aloud banner is focussed on two areas - both aimed at encouraging girls and boys of primary age to sing.

Through the Land of Song project, we aim to provide primary teachers across Wales with the skills and the tools they need to be able to teach singing in the classroom with confidence.

With an emphasis on aspiration, the Only Kids Aloud Choir is an auditioned group of talented primary age girls and boys from every corner of the nation. Each year, up to 80 children come together to create choral music of the highest quality, performing on stages throughout Wales and beyond.


Two things inform the work we do through OBA: one is our belief in the culturally important role of male choirs in Wales - traditionally bringing communities together in times of hardship or celebration. The second and perhaps even more crucial to us is a desire to ensure that the young men of Wales are encouraged to be ambitious for their future and are equipped with the life skills to fulfil their potential.

Only Boys Aloud is made up of some 200 boys attending 14 choirs across Wales, from Holyhead to Cwmbran. Led by experienced professional choral leaders, every week during term time these local choirs meet. Our doors are always open to new members - there is no charge and no audition. From seasoned singers to those who've never tried it before, any boy between the ages of 11 and 19 can join.

From weekly rehearsals to bringing all 200 boys together for large-scale performances, what matters to us is equality of access and quality of experience: these two drivers are behind everything we do in OBA.


The Academi was set up to acknowledge that, while for many OBA members simply being a part of the choir is enough, some of our boys are serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts.

Every summer 32 older members of OBA spend a week on an intensive residential course. Places are awarded following auditions and are hotly contested. Successful candidates receive a tailored course of general musicianship training, individual singing lessons, movement workshops and masterclasses with international artists from the world of singing and acting. They learn a demanding programme of repertoire from early music through contemporary classical to the latest Broadway musicals. The course culminates in a run of performances in Wales and further afield, including the world famous Wigmore Hall, London.

Being a part of the Academi is a goal for many OBA members: giving them something to strive for. And Academi members return to their local choirs with experiences to share and confidence to take a more mentoring role within the group.


As a teenager in a small valleys community, I often felt isolated by my love of making music and was badly bullied. No one should feel scared to be who they are, and that is why I created OBA; to provide a safe, nurturing environment, where young people feel free to be themselves, to sing unashamedly and to grow as individuals.

Aloud is committed to ensuring that all young people in Wales have the opportunity to come together and sing; the opportunity to find their own voice and the confidence to shine.

Not all our singers want to be professional musicians, far from it. But they are ALL aspiring for something and we have the evidence to prove that singing together is impacting on every avenue of their life.

We are a small organisation, but we have big ambitions for helping young people unleash their potential. We have amazing sponsors and supporters and if you would like to help us in our mission, we'd love to hear from you.

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