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I achieved a specialist diploma in Interactive Graphics and a BA in Graphic Design. My interactive graphic design course had taught me a range of different fields, including animation, video editing, 3D design, CSS and HTML, ActionScript, typography, history of art, contemporary art and graphic design. The BA Graphic design (Top-Up) course has further extended my knowledge in the Graphic design field.

Erasmus Plus programme gave me an opportunity to work as a Graphic design assistant in Ash Wales charity for 11 months. My tasks included creating content for social media which was aimed at people that are trying to quit smoking. I also created infographics, helped to build a new website in Wordpress and designed for print.

After that I worked for Targo Promotion in Prague for 6 months. I was in charge of creating mock ups of promotional items for clients and putting them into presentations. Sometimes I also created graphics for these items from scratch. Product photography was also one of the main tasks.

In my spare time, I like to paint and travel. I am interested in graphic design and anything creative!

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Anna Pechocova