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Arbor Architects is a practice for sustainable architecture, based in the border county of Herefordshire and working across Wales and the Midlands.

With a focus on building users and creating sustainable communities, we design beautiful spaces that are holistically low energy, healthy and seamlessly integrated with their local environment.

We founded Arbor Architects in 2019 after 6 years collaborating together at Architype on a range of community focused projects. We share an approach to socially and environmentally aware design that puts building users right at the heart of the design process. We work closely with clients, community groups and stakeholders to understand, draw out and develop their ideas and aspirations; believing everyone should be empowered to influence a better future for their community. Central to this process is our approachability, open mindedness, skilful communication style and creative approach; which combine to ensure delivered projects are truly collaborative, not only delivering objectives, but exceeding expectations.

Our design led approach is innovative and creative, but always firmly rooted in a realistic grasp of budget and programme.

We have a strong focus on sustainable design, reducing both the impacts of the materials
we specify and the ongoing operations and maintenance requirements of the buildings we design.

Natural materials play a big part in our approach. Not only do they have a lower impact environmentally, but they are healthier to work and live with and they age gracefully; developing a natural patina over time which entices the senses and lends a unique character to spaces.

Together, we have amassed extensive experience of delivering buildings with stringent fabric first methods of construction, maximising thermal insulation and creating draught and thermal bridge free construction. At Arbor Architects, we adopt this level of quality construction as standard, and when paired with the use of natural materials, we can create homes and work places that are more healthy and comfortable to live in and cost much less to run.

In addition to our work in practice, we lead an MArch II design unit at the Welsh School of Architecture focusing on developing an architectural response to the climate emergency.

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