catrin williams

Areas of expertise:


Throughout my career and time at university I have worked with a vast majority of people and I have never faced any issues or complaints and believe that I am able to adapt appropriately to the person I am speaking or working with. For example, I would speak to children in a soft, fun tone in comparison to a fellow colleague who I would speak professionally to but in a more relaxed manner. I also, have developed working as an individual and understand I can work from my own initiative. For example, working as a sales assistant, I have sometimes been left alone on the shop floor during busy periods. Although, there is a lot of pressure and many customers waiting for my assistance, I remain calm, serve each customer in the correct order that they're waiting and apologise to each individual, ensuring that they leave satisfied and not annoyed.
I have previously volunteered at the Welsh Millennium Centre as an usher. MY role was not only to greet and aid audience members but a huge part of the job was understanding all the safety measures that should be taken in case of an emergency. For the majority of shows I worked, there was a full house and before this i had never had responsibility for the safety of such a large number of people. For every shift, I reminded myself of all the fire exits and thought over all the safety procedures that would be taken in an emergency to enable a smooth and calm exit for a large crowd.
When I was fourteen years old I achieved a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and I believe this shows how determined and committed I am and have been since a young age. I came away from this disciplined with an understanding of respect towards others and gained life long friends.
During my spare time I love going to the theatre or cinema and enjoyed creating new material aimed at all ages during my university experience. I really immersed myself into this work and brought my unique style to some brilliant projects I have worked on. For example, I have previously filmed, edited and acted in a 5 minute monologue, wrote and co-directed a 20 minute play that was performed at the Bierkeller in Bristol and I have directed and filmed a 15 minute adaptation of a stage play. Time management was incredibly important during this period of time as I had to balance my university studies, in and out of lectures, my part time job and maintained a healthy and happy lifestyle. I would dedicate certain parts of my day to each aspect whilst not over working myself and still enjoying my time away from home.
I truly think that I am a sociable, hard working and determined individual and I am not afraid of new challenges and I can easily adapt and gain control of a situation if something does go wrong without panicking myself or any one else.